At This Very Moment

by Rob (@Dimentoid) // 2019-08-30T01:25:13-05:00

Now on June 27, 1912, 6 p.m. Your mind accepts this, absolutely. You have traveled back in time, soon you will open your eyes. You will walk into the corridor, and you will go downstairs and you will find Elise McKenna, who is in this hotel at this very moment.

– Bid Time Return (Or, Somewhere In Time), Richard Matheson

yamaha dx7

by Rob (@Dimentoid) // 2019-08-25T00:26:34-05:00

Spending a late night watching random Yamaha DX7 videos.

The thing is iconic, the synth sound of the 1980s. Arguably the early 90s, too; if you had a SEGA Mega Drive or Genesis, that thing’s FM sound chip (YM2612) was also designed by Yamaha. Sounded a bit similar. In fact, a lot of early arcade machines had those Yamaha chips inside.

Tears For Fears. Depeche Mode. Mr. Mister. Laura Branigan’s “Self Control” (one of my favorite bumpers from old episodes of Coast to Coast AM) featured a patch from the DX7, Tub Bells.

These days, you can get pretty close to a DX7 with the plugin Dexed. Close. Not perfect. I use it with FL Studio sometimes.

The Korg Volca FM, a neat (and comparatively cheap) little FM synthesizer, can also use DX patches.

Video is a wicked DX7 demo song uploaded on June 1, 2013 by PROJECT DX.

TV Head Strikes Again

by Rob (@Dimentoid) // 2019-08-22T12:45:46-05:00

This might just be some kind of guerrilla marketing for a doorbell camera, but I have to say I like their style.

Two years in a row, 60 CRT TVs in one night? Old school lives.

Haunted Paintings Make Some People Ill

by Rob (@Dimentoid) // 2019-03-01T11:40:41-06:00

Gloucestershire Live shares shocking footage of a paranormal show-and-tell gone wrong, when one woman fell ill after the reveal of a haunted painting.

The painting is titled “Sinister,” recovered from a place called Revesby Abbey, and presented by the Haunted Objects Museum. At about 4:30 in the video, a woman complains that the painting has caused her to experience a terrible headache, and then (off camera) passes out.

According to GLive, she later underwent “spiritual cleansing with tuning forks” with the help of a nearby medium.