Mexico Solar Eclipse UFO – 1991

Uploaded by UFO Casebook on January 28, 2012.

“Shortly after 1:00 PM, the eclipse began. Hundreds of camcorders and cameras were ready to document the event. As some of the waiting cameramen scanned the sky, something unrelated to the eclipse caught their eye in the darkening sky; at first the object appeared to be a small, shining star-like object.”

Bumper Music: Top 1 Unexplained Test Video

Here’s a test video I made the other day. I picked up some new video editing software, and wanted to see how things look after the YouTube upload. Seems okay. I’ll use widescreen next time. Text is a bit sharp.

Also made some music for the video. I call it “Alien Worlds.” I’ve been experimenting with FL Studio for years, and while I’m not the best at mixing, I thought I’d put a new tune in each video. For this one, I was going for that old, mono VHS sound, a little bit.

I plan to upload more next month. Whether they’ll be slideshows, or if I decide to do voiceovers, I’m not sure yet. It’s just something to do

Caernarfon, North Wales UFO – 1987

Uploaded by 1tothirtysix on October 25, 2012

I filmed this when camping at Morfa Lodge Caravan Park in 1987 I’ve still got the raw video somewhere. No editing was done this was filmed in the evening when we were camping. Look at the rest of my posts if you have any doubts. I have no explanation.

Gulf Breeze UFO – 05/18/1992

Uploaded by Chris Chilli on November 7, 2012

“Filmed from the end of the boardwalk/pier at Shoeline Park, Gulf Breeze May 18th 1992 by a TV crew from Texas using two professional quality video cameras, one b/w (this clip) and one colour. At 1.05 in the video you can see luminous material fall from the underside of one of the UFOs before it moves behind the one next to it. At 3.05 another luminous object can be seen to fall from it once more. Ed Walters voice can be heard with others in the background.”