Demon/Old Hag On Hospital Security Camera

by Rob (@Dimentoid) // 2016-01-06T10:10:49-06:00


This image was taken by a hospital monitor, and allegedly shows a dark, contorted figure looming over a bed-ridden patient. The patient is said to have died within only a few hours. Possible case of pareidolia.

The Old Hag is a figure of folklore that appears throughout the world, often associated with sleep paralysis (read: Old Hag Syndrome). It’s said to be a witch who sits on the chests of her victims as they lie in bed.

A Man After Midnight

by Rob (@Dimentoid) // 2016-01-04T12:59:42-06:00

Old Coast to Coast AM, that was a perfect storm.

Before the Internet became mainstream, back when it was just you, a radio, Art Bell, and late-night truckers driving coast to coast listening to ghost stories and conspiracy theories.

There was a certain something to that.

A mystery.


Megalodon Sighting During World War II [Hoax]

by Rob (@Dimentoid) // 2016-01-02T05:59:27-06:00

An image included in the Disovery Channel documentary Megalodon: The Monster Shark Still Lives.

Megalodons are an extinct species of shark that lived during the Cenozoic Era. Some theorize, however, that the Megalodon may have survived extinction. The above image was proven to be fake.

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