A Man After Midnight

Old Coast to Coast AM, that was a perfect storm.

Before the Internet became mainstream, back when it was just you, a radio, Art Bell, and late-night truckers driving coast to coast listening to ghost stories and conspiracy theories.

There was a certain something to that.

A mystery.


Bumper Music: Top 1 Unexplained Test Video

Here’s a test video I made the other day. I picked up some new video editing software, and wanted to see how things look after the YouTube upload. Seems okay. I’ll use widescreen next time. Text is a bit sharp.

Also made some music for the video. I call it “Alien Worlds.” I’ve been experimenting with FL Studio for years, and while I’m not the best at mixing, I thought I’d put a new tune in each video. For this one, I was going for that old, mono VHS sound, a little bit.

I plan to upload more next month. Whether they’ll be slideshows, or if I decide to do voiceovers, I’m not sure yet. It’s just something to do